When initially meeting a couple for an upcoming engagement or wedding shoot, I think everyone is a little nervous! You come together as complete strangers, and most everyone seems a little hesitant for the first words of the conversation. As a photographer, you know the bride and groom have discussed their event with each other time and time again. They each have their own visions of what should be portrayed in their photos.  But much of the time, what the photographer sees during this initial meeting are the hands of the couple who nervously grasp their partner, the fleeting smiles, looks of adoration and overall love they have for each other. After you’ve spoken for a few minutes, you visibly see the release of pent-up breath, the letting down of the nervousness and the smiles appear as you quickly become friends.

When I first spoke with Katie and Pat about their Engagement Session at Latta Plantation, they informed me they were both shy and would definitely need instruction throughout the session.  I think it must have been the nerves speaking, because that session was a breeze. Their connection and love for one another was so obvious, they needed no encouragement to show their true happiness with each other. Those same genuine feelings of love and devotion carried over to their wedding. Both Katie and Pat describe each other as being caring and genuine, and these traits were never so evident as they were at the couple’s wedding at the picturesque Daniel Stowe Botanic Garden. I think everyone in attendance received a special smile or gesture as the couple was surrounded by family & friends in an incredible outdoor ceremony.

Every detail and finishing touch was perfectly executed by Angela with Planned to Perfection Events, with gorgeous florals by The Flower Diva.
I think, for a moment, I was just struck with awe as the couple turned and walked down the aisle together following the ceremony. I doubt I’ve ever seen radiating happiness in such an amount — it was like you could literally reach out and touch it.  Now that’s love!


Planner – Planned to Perfection Events

Florals – The Flower Diva

Venue – Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden 

Catering – Best Impressions 

Cake / Desert – Cheesecake, Etc

Band – Emerald Empire Band 

Hair / Makeup – Who’s the Fairest 

Dress – Augusta Jones 

Stationary – Minted