It seems like yesterday I met Jen & Frayne. It’s hard to believe it’s been a little over four years since we met in the mountains of Asheville for their engagement session.
During that time they told me that they didn’t take each other “too seriously” and “just enjoy laughing and spending time together.” That was echoed during their perfectly imperfect wedding where the rain didn’t let up for the duration of the day. Despite what many would consider an unfortunate turn of events, they persevered and had the most incredible day full of joy, laughter and love.

Fast forward a few years later Jen & Frayne are now a family of three and I’ve recently had the privilege to document this amazing family several times. But what’s truly special and rewarding for me in so many ways is exploring and introducing a new love and passion of mine through the Abernathy family…a family film.

As my own children age and I witness each ‘first and last,’ I found myself wanting something more to remember those moments. I was no longer satisfied with just a photo. I wanted to essentially breathe life into that photograph. We’ve all said or at least think to some degree how “time flies” and this is beyond true. The way you hug and kiss your little one, the way their nose scrunches when they laugh, the way they carry around their favorite lovey and the way they insist on helping with everything generally making quite the mess! All of these things are so temporary…..a fleeting moment in your life where these first will someday turn into a last…..the last time their only method of travel was to crawl, the last time they needed your help to stand alone, the last time they ran into your room full of giggles at the crack of dawn and awaken you from what was a blissful rest! I want to capture these moments for families so they can be replayed, loved and cherished always.

I love weddings and have been a successful wedding photographer for years and will continue to take limited weddings, but I feel in my heart that video has the unique ability to preserve the gestures, the voices and the stories that are an essential part of every family’s legacy. I truly hope the below is one of the first of many I have the privilege to make.


Wonderfully put together! This is such a great way to savor those special moments you can’t capture in a photo!